Lingua Kungu History

Lingua kung fu as an integrated teaching program was started in 2010.

The evolution of the teaching methodology has taken place over many previous years as a result of workshops for adults and children on chinese and kung fu.

The development of the program had 3 aims:

1. To demystify Chinese as a language for children

2. To form an intuitive basis for language learning where word meaning links directly to significance on both the aural, visual and bi-directional translation areas

3. To convey an appreciation for the chinese thought process through language and culture

During visits to Taiwan and China in the early 90s studying 6 hours per day to learn chinese seeking to accelerate the learning process, I wrote a computer vocab testing program  which linked with the university conversation text book..

The 4 directional aspects of learning a language which is not written  in our alphabet. These are:

English -> Chinese ( speaking )
Visual Recognition ( reading )
Chinese -> English ( listening )
Visual Recollection ( writing )

In particular the visual elements do not exist in an alphabetically familiar language.

Using word frequency and gramatical structure frequency analysis a system for rapid language learning was designed.

Lingua kung fu links this understanding with a program designed to engage children in the learning process. With over 10 years teaching kung fu and chinese to children the program has become refined.

The distillation of this understanding and the learning techniques are what are contained in the lingua kungfu program.

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