Increase your student numbers

  • Offer new courses
  • Increase you student retention
  • Expand your appeal

Increase your student numbers

  • Offer new courses
  • Increase you student retention
  • Expand your appeal
By learning a very basic level of chinese then you can offer the lingua kungfu content within your kung fu or karate school.

You can do this!

Using our structured materials you can engage your students in new and educational way.

As well as expanding your appeal to new students, these activities truly engage a broader range of pupil, and give much added appeal to parents who would like their children to have a small exposure to some of the concepts of chinese cultrure and language.

Our materials are very well structured specifically to introductury chinese and martial arts. Including:

  • Week by Week text book lessons
  • Teacher sheets
  • Simple Songs with audio recordings
  • Work sheets which can be printed off from the internet prior to class
  • Collectable Kung fu Character Cards


1 Week lingua kung fu Level 1 training course - No previous chinese knowledge required

We can teach you all you need to know to start teaching elementary chinese exercises to students. In 1 week you will have enough material to teach:

7-8 year olds - 2 year course

9 , 10, 11 year olds - 1 year course

Our material is broken down into 3 trimestres of 12 weeks each. That is 36 lessons. These are designed to be taught as 20 minutes of a training session.


Learn this for your students and for you

Not only is the fantasically useful for expanding your school, but it is also a great way to spend a week. Come to mallorca and stay at the mountain monastry kung fu retreat. Mix training with elementary chinese and become certified as a Lingua Kungfu Level 1 teacher.

Course Dates:

Nov 21st - Nov 26th   ( 2016 )

Feb 13th - Feb 18th  ( 2017 )


Course Cost:

600 EU - Includes all tuition and shared acommodation

Single accommodation availabe on request

Course Structure:

Monday to Friday -

7:30     - kung fu ( optional )
8:30     - Breakfast
9:00     - Tuition
10:30   - Break
11:00   - Tuition
13:00    - Lunch
14:00    - Tuition
16:00    -  Day end. Excursion / relax / training.