We train White Crane kung fu from the Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan in the town of Yong Chun. We have been studying this for over 20 years with the same teachers and families as currently lead the style in China. Our system leaders ( master Pan and his son Master Pan Xiong Qi ) come from 13 generations of direct training leading back to the founder of the system.

Since 1928 the Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan has been the focal point of traditional White Crane in the county of Yongchun. Following its inception, students of the Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan have travelled and taught in other countries.

We have been training with this school of kung fu in china since 1993. We maintain strong links with the training centre in China. 

We thank the Weng Gong Ci Wushu Guan, led by Master Pan Cheng Miao and his family, for their support and the opportunity of studying and teaching with them. Over the last 10 years the practice of this style of kung fu has grown outside of China. We are one of 3 qualified branches of this lineage training outside of China. 

Our Motto is "Joining people through the arts". We practice traditional arts. This means learning using old methods of training and maintaining strong connections to our teachers in China over many years. We have a responsibility to the kung fu teachers in China to maintain their values and spread their arts to other people. 

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